Top-notch Fintech Company in Vietnam. We promise to bring the most professional, the most accurate and the fastest services to customers not only in Vietnam but also over the world.

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Our vision is to become a pioneer in Vietnam's Fintech industry. We are always craving for innovating technology products which facilitate people to reach financial service in the shortest time​.


Our goal is to provide modern technology products, such as AVY - P2P Lending Platform,… connect people who find difficulties in reaching traditional financial services and ones who own idle money​.


FinX Group is based on modern technology such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data. FinX Group commit to provide products with the most qualified services and the fastest speed​.


Top-notch Fintech Company in Vietnam.

FinX Group is proud to bring modern financial products to customers, especially AVY - P2P Lending Platform to connect borrowers and investors..

We desire to assist people to get in touch with financial services around the clock thanks to mobile devices and advanced technology​.

Modern Technology​

We always keep updated with global modern technology such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Data Warehouse,...​

Professional Team​​

Our team consists of experts who are so successful and full of profound knowledge about Fintech

Outstanding technology innovation in Vietnam ​

We are proud to be a Technology-Driven company, provided with system, activities, processes which are operated by the world's most advanced technology.

Our Products

AVY – P2P Lending Platform​

A productive platform which connect Borrowers and Investors. AVY commits to appraise borrowers' file and disburse accurately in the shortest time with a comparative interest rate. AVY also commits to secure investors' capital and profit​.

Our Team


Tuan Nguyen



Hieu Hoang



Thu Anh Bui


Our Advisors


Hung Hoang

Former CIO Viettel Group and CIO MB Bank​

Mr. Hưng thuộc thế hệ lãnh đạo trẻ và năng động của MB. Tốt nghiệp thạc sỹ Công nghệ Thông tin tại trường Trường đại học Nottingham - Vương Quốc Anh, anh có nhiều đóng góp tích cực tại Viettel Telecom, thuộc Tập đoàn Viettel.


Hai Bui

Advisor VCC Exchange

Anh Hải là một chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực Tài chính - Công nghệ thông tin. Anh Hải đã có rất nhiều kinh nghiệm trong việc phát triển công nghệ và xây dựng hệ sinh thái môi trường số như Mobile Banking, eBanking, v.v… cho nhiều ngân hàng TMCP lớn của Việt Nam.

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Headquarter: 7 Floor, Nhat An Building, 30D Kim Ma Thuong, Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Hotline: 1900 989 828